Litter Busters

Keep North Attleborough Beautiful is recruiting community members for our Litter Buster’s program.

Research has shown that litter attracts litter…

When an area is frequently littered or experiences high levels of illegal dumping, that sends the message that this kind of behavior is acceptable.

Conversely, when a local park or an entire community is litter free, that sends a message that littering is unacceptable behavior. Clean communities tend to stay clean, which is why litter prevention and clean up in North Attleborough is so important.

If the sight of litter bothers you, please sign up to become a North Attleborough Litter Buster and you can be part of the solution.


Here’s How the Litter Busters Program Works

Simply send us an email at and let us know which road (or section of road), park, or other public space you would like to adopt. You can sign up yourself, your family or business. We will provide you with the supplies and tools. You can then venture out and collect any litter that accumulates on your route. All we ask is that you agree to clean up your adopted route at least once every four to six weeks, or more often if you are really motivated.


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