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KNAB Education Efforts in the Sun Chronicle

 Green for thought: Local residents make every day Earth Day with their contributions to the planet, community

from the The Sun Chronicle Apr 20, 2018
by Laura Calverley

Marsha Goldstein of Keep North Attleborough Beautiful spent a recent Monday morning talking about recycling with her most eager audience yet: A group of 5- and 6-year-olds at Roosevelt Avenue Elementary School in North Attleborough.

There, students in MaryAnne Carter’s class learned which items from their trash can be recycled and which items can’t, how long it takes discarded items to break down in landfills and about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, a collection of debris floating in the Pacific Ocean that is now twice the size of Texas. Read more in the Sun Chronicle >>

Pilot Donates 700 Pens to KNAB!

Thanks to Pilot Pens who recently donated 700 B2P pens made from recycled plastic bottles for our upcoming school presentation on recycling and caring for our environment. Students in North Attleborough Grades K and 5 will get to experience the presentation in April in honor of Earth Day and in coordination with their with science curriculum.

Mason Field Beautification

KNAB Board Member and landscaper Frank Wojciechowski recently completed beautification to the entrance to Mason Field. Frank landscaped around the Mason Field sign planting perennials and shrubs, and his “signature” birdhouse.


Keep North Attleborough Beautiful