North Attleboro Students Help in Clean Up

We at KNAB were thrilled to collaborate with North Serves for the first time and it was fun meeting the students who were heading out to collect litter. They filled about 15 bags of litter and the hope is that they had an appreciation for the need to keep our environment clean. The two students who were assigned to pick up donated shoes did a super job and many filled bags were returned. Special thanks go to Cheryl Kummer (Principal Peter Haviland’s administrative assistant) for back and forth emails providing information and for taking the photo of teacher Derek Herber and the two boys who happened to find his credit cards on the guard rail of Landry Ave.

Here are some photos of the amazing NAHS students who recently participated in an effort to pick up litter at designated locations around town. Featuring Jada Carlson, Nathaniel Burns, Ashley Candelet, Yvonne Klarwasser, Sebastian Sanchez Mondragon, Eliude Alcenat, Joshua Factor, Thanay Puduru, and NAHS History Teacher Derek Herber.

We also want to recognize two students who drove around picking up donated shoes from KNAB’s locations around town (not in any photos): Will Converse and Carson Dameron. Donated footwear eventually goes to countries in Central America.

Thank you all!

Patriot Subaru Donates to KNAB

Patriot Subaru continues its support of Keep North Attleborough Beautiful, a Massachusetts affiliate of Keep America Beautiful, with a donation to enhance a new beautification project in the community.With expert design assistance from Total Lawn & Landscape’s Julie Fitzgerald, three non fruit bearing chanticleer pear trees were planted at the Amvet Boulevard School. In addition, a variety of perennials were planted in an expanded area near the flagpole. All plantings were diligently provided by Total Lawn & Landscape, Inc., North Attleboro.

School staff members expressed their delight with these beautiful plantings. One of KNAB’s mission goals is to enhance the beauty of North Attleborough, and that is certainly something that Patriot Subaru believes in as well. Neighbors helping neighbors! #KNAB#Plant Trees #GoGreen

Pictured left to right are KNAB Executive Director, Marsha Goldstein, Patriot Subaru Managing Partner, Mark Perryman, new Amvet Blvd. School Principal Alec Ciminello, Patriot Subaru General Sales Manager Matt D’Ambra, and Total Lawn & Landscape Design Manager, Julie Fitzgerald.

Sharples Receives “We Noticed” Award

On Friday September 17, 2022, Keep North Attleborough Beautiful presented their annual “We Noticed” Award to Sharples Manufacturing.  “One of KNAB’s mission goals is to recognize local businesses that have attractive, well maintained exterior property,” said Marsha Goldstein, president of Keep North Attleborough Beautiful.

The award, a framed certificate, was presented to Sharples owner, Dan Sharples by KNAB board member Jay Elias and Goldstein. The KNAB board unanimously voted to award Sharples Manufacturing this certificate.

Sharples We Noticed Award

Left to right: Jay Elias, KNAB board member, Marsha Goldstein, KNAB President, and Dan Sharples, owner of Sharples Manufacturing.

Litterbusters in the News

KNAB’s Litterbusters recently cleaned a stretch of both sides of Landry Avenue. 

“We picked up masks, plastic water bottles, beer and soda cans, liquor bottles and nips, pieces of restaurant take-out containers, two loaded diapers, used condoms, and various other types of pieces of litter,” said KNAB’s Executive Director Marsha Goldstein. 

Pictured left to right are:  Marsha Goldstein, Executive Director of Keep North Attleborough Beautiful, Litter Busters volunteers Grace Fairchild, Dan Voisinet, Karen Ross, and Litter Busters Coordinator Margaret Vigorito. 

Litter Busters is a KNAB program in which volunteers choose an area to monitor and clean up all year as needed.  All supplies are provided including a red Litter Busters t-shirt and North Attleborough Town trash bags. 

Anyone interested in becoming a Litter Buster should contact Margaret Vigorito at

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Pizzeria Romana Gets Noticed!

KNAB annually recognizes a local business that has attractive and well maintained exterior landscaping with our annual award, “We Noticed.”  

This year the award went to Pizzeria Romana on Route One.

Left to right…Dan Cardella, manager of the restaurant, Luciano Canova, local restaurateur, KNAB Board Member, Jay Elias, and KNAB Executive Director, Marsha Goldstein.

Dan and Luciano received a beautiful framed “We Noticed” certificate created by another KNAB Board Member which will be displayed on the wall in Pizzeria Romana. Our purpose is to not only recognize a business that has exceptional exterior landscaping but also to encourage other businesses to do the same.  In this way we can maintain the beauty of our town!

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KNAB Announces Art Contest Winners

The Keep North Attleborough Beautiful contest to help us turn some of our town’s gray utility boxes into colorful works of art is now closed. We were genuinely impressed with all of the many entries. Thank you to everyone who submitted artwork. This contest was so much fun yet so very difficult! Regrettably, we could select only nine of the entries.  We wish every submission could have been used….they were all that wonderful. 

Congratulations to our winning artists:Karen Chandran, Kyle Donahue, Kaylee Finch, Lindsay Nygaard, Vivian Racine, Madelyn Steel, Abigail Whitney, Kimberly Whitty, Faith Wilder. Scroll through these pictures to view their winning work.

KNAB and Animal Shelter Collaboration

Keep North Attleborough Beautiful and The North Attleboro Animal Shelter are excited to announce an important collaboration. By bringing Massachusetts redeemable cans and bottles to the shelter, funds can be raised to care for the animals. Also, we will help to keep our environment free from discarded cans and bottles. Note that some places do not accept cans and bottles due to COVID.

Keep North Attleborough Beautiful