North Attleboro Students Help in Clean Up

We at KNAB were thrilled to collaborate with North Serves for the first time and it was fun meeting the students who were heading out to collect litter. They filled about 15 bags of litter and the hope is that they had an appreciation for the need to keep our environment clean. The two students who were assigned to pick up donated shoes did a super job and many filled bags were returned. Special thanks go to Cheryl Kummer (Principal Peter Haviland’s administrative assistant) for back and forth emails providing information and for taking the photo of teacher Derek Herber and the two boys who happened to find his credit cards on the guard rail of Landry Ave.

Here are some photos of the amazing NAHS students who recently participated in an effort to pick up litter at designated locations around town. Featuring Jada Carlson, Nathaniel Burns, Ashley Candelet, Yvonne Klarwasser, Sebastian Sanchez Mondragon, Eliude Alcenat, Joshua Factor, Thanay Puduru, and NAHS History Teacher Derek Herber.

We also want to recognize two students who drove around picking up donated shoes from KNAB’s locations around town (not in any photos): Will Converse and Carson Dameron. Donated footwear eventually goes to countries in Central America.

Thank you all!

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